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Why is Training the Posterior Chain So Important?

The posterior chain is probably one of the most un-trained areas in athletes.

It includes the hamstring, gluteus, and low back muscle groups. The muscles of the posterior chain should be known as the “foundation” for athletes. They are responsible for the majority of high-speed athletic movements such as sprinting and jumping. These muscles typically have a high proportion of fast-twitch fibers making them the power generating center of the athlete.

Most athletes have overdeveloped in there quadriceps muscles, which leads to problems in recruiting the muscles of the posterior chain. It also can lead to injuries such as hamstring pulls, ACL tears, low back injuries, and ankle injuries. It is very important for athletes and strength coaches to focus on posterior chain development. Especially in relation to performance and force production. For example, at Performance Evolution, the ratio to the quad to posterior chain exercises is 2:3.

Proper training of the posterior chain can lead to a number of athletic benefits, which include:

  1. Increased running speed

  2. Improved jumping ability

  3. Increased force production

  4. a decrease in the hamstring, hip flexor, knee, and lower back injuries

  5. Improved muscular balance around the hip and knee

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