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For Multi-Sport Athletes

Are you a multi-sport athlete who is on the go year-round?

If so, do you find it difficult to specialize your training for each sport? Let’s say you play football, basketball, and baseball (or any other sports). You will not have the time to get into a sport-specific program. Some of you may view this as being an issue in terms of training. However, this doesn’t have to be a problem, and it shouldn’t stop you from training.

The foundations of athleticism are strength, power, speed, flexibility, balance, and mental toughness; these foundations cross over to nearly all sports. Rather than not training, the key is to maximize your training as a multi-sport athlete. It is crucial to regularly perform exercises that improve the six foundational attributes of athleticism. Doing so will maximize your performance and help prevent injury in all the sports you play. Also, when you train it is important to modify your training without creating unnecessary stress that could hinder performance.

Here is a list of exercises to work your entire body and improve athletic performance. Trust me, give them a try!

  1. Power Clean 4×3

  2. Hang Clean 4×3

  3. Plyometrics 4×4

  4. Front Squat 3×8-12

  5. Speed Back Squat – 50-70% Of Estimated 1RM 6×3 or 8×2

  6. Any form of stability Push Up Example: Physio Ball, Med Ball, Bosu Ball, Rings /TRX 3×8-12

  7. Walking Lunge – DB’s, BB or Weighted Plates 3×8-12

  8. Snatch Squat 3×5-8

  9. Pull Up or any other grip variation 3xfailure

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