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Post-Operation Training

If you’ve undergone any type of surgery, you know that physical therapy is a must.

But recovery doesn't stop there and neither should you!

Physical therapy is only the first step.

Continued training (preferably personalized training) is important to ensure a full recovery and ongoing mobility.

Ongoing post-op training and conditioning strengthens the body, reduces chances of re-injury, and builds confidence. Finding a gym that implements this type of personal training can be hard, as many gyms might not want to risk further injury.

However, at PE, Injuries are monitored very closely and we develop fully-customized and flexible personalized training programs for every individual client based on his or her needs.

Examples of procedures our clients have undergone and hastily recovered from:

• ACL/MCL repair

• Knee replacement

• Shoulder surgery

• Back surgery

• Hip replacement

We want to help you to be your best self post-surgery and give you the confidence to live the life you want.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you, not only fully recover, but also prevent future injury.

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