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Work Hard. Train Harder. 

Let's Evolve Your Body.

 Personal Training in Greenville SC,

for  Adults and Athletes

Your Best Just Got Better.

Coach Gur harnesses his collegiate coaching experience and education to deliver unparalleled training to the residents of Greenville SC. 


He focuses on the entire person, from the inside out,

to enhance and evolve overall levels of strength, speed, agility, flexibility, and ultimately injury prevention.

Gur specializes in working with adults who want to retain and even regain lost strength and or mobility, active athletes, injured athletes, and anyone else committed to improving themselves 

Personal Training

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With our personalized training programs. We build the body from within, we are constantly researching and innovating to develop different methods and styles of training in order to bring you a healthier training experience.

Performance Training

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Coach Gur utilizes his collegiate coaching experience and education to deliver a  personal training experience perfect for athletes who have aspirations in collegiate and professional sports.

Adult Fitness

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Our training programs specialize in helping to improve the overall quality of life, using highly personalized training designed specifically for you.

Resting after a workout

Why train at Performance Evolution?

Our Philosophy 

At Performance Evolution, we understand that every individual is unique in their mind, body, and spirit.

With this mentality, it is our goal to work with these in order to assist your pursuit of mental and physical well-being! 

Nothing would make us happier than seeing all of Greenville realize their fitness or weight loss goals! 

We personalize your training program based on what you and your body tell us, allowing you to get the best results out of every workout! 

Personal Training and Fitness Goals We Focus On :

Trainin Focus
Yoga Class
Medicine Ball Workout
Track Race


Flexibility is the capacity of a joint or muscle to move through its full range of motion. It is one of the main fitness components, and is important for success in many sports.

Good flexibility is also important for injury prevention. Various types of stretching exercises can be used in injury rehabilitation, preparation for sport (warm up), and recovery after exercises.


Strenght is the ability to exert a maximal force in as short a time as possible, as in accelerating, jumping, and throwing implements.

While strength is the maximal force you can apply against a load, power is proportional to the speed at which you can apply this maximal force.


Training to improve power can include lifting weights, throwing implements such as medicine balls, running against resistance, and plyometrics (depth jumping and bounding).


Agility is the ability to quickly change body position or direction. Agility is influenced by the body’s balance, coordination, and center of gravity, in addition to its running speed and skill.

Agility can be improved with specific drills, but also by improving the specific individual fitness elements of speed, balance, power, and coordination.


Speed is the ability to move quickly across ground or move limbs rapidly to grab, throw or push.


Speed is not just how fast someone can run, cycle or swim, but is dependent on their acceleration (how quickly they can accelerate from a static position), maximal speed of movement, and speed maintenance (minimizing deceleration). 





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